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Shrinky Dinks


Shrinky Dink D Fun!
Create Suncatchers for Windows and Car visors, Lapel Pin, Jewelry, Ornaments, Keychains and more!

Shrinky DinkD is a registered Trade of K&B Innovations, Inc

Items Needed:

  • ShrinkyDinks D  White (FX30) or Frosted (FX31)
  • 1 Heat Embossing Gun
  • Sand Paper-(Fine grit)
  • Permanent Black Ink or FabricoD (FC001) Black or FabricoD
  • Vivid (FC051)Multicolors
  • Hole Puncher, Craft Scissors, Colored Pencils Markers
  • Jewelry Findings purchased at local Craft stores

1. Lightly sand glossy side before stamping with permanent ink or with FabricoD Ink (available in our catalog). Note: When using Permanent Ink, color backside with with colored pencils or markers before shrinking. If using FabricoD (FC051) handle carefully as colors will smear prior to shrinking but become permanent after shrinking Cut around design with craft scissors for fancy borders. Punch holes with hole puncher in places need for jewelry before shrinking.

2. Hold piece down with pencil and apply embossing heat tool while it curls, shrinks and flattens. (Caution: Hot) Turn and press flat.

Optional No Sanding Method (Frosted FX31 Sheets only)

Stamp glossy side with Fabrico(R)k and carefully turn over stamped image on paper towel. Press to absorb & blot out excess. May need to do this couple times on more clean paper towels. Try not moving while pressing as image will smear. When satisfied color backside before shrinking.

3 Optional seal with Acrylic Spray, attach jewelry findings with glue gun.

Click on image to view larger (Netscape users right-click on image)

Stamps used: SG5 Good Shepherd, NS 146. Bookmarker, Stamp NS434 and NS 125. Items used to Make Shrink plastic: FX31 Frosted - Heat Gun, Fabrico Ink, or Permanent Black Ink, Colored Pencils. Lightly sand with sandpaper (Fine Grit ) stamp image and allow ink to dry. Turn over on frosted size and color in with pencils. Remember use "Hole puncher" for making Jewelry or ornaments before shrinking. Items used are Shrink Plastic FX 30 Bright White, Fabrico Multi Colored Ink, Stamps A1J23, A9J20, and FS31. Cut out and shrink (careful ink is not permanent and may smear). Shrinking with heat gun will help it become permanent. However, seal with Acrylic Spray before applying Jewelry findings. Again use hole punch before shrinking. Stamps used are J111 Large Stamp image on Frosty (Item #FX31) with Fabrico Black Ink. Color backside with markers or colored pencils. Trim edges with craft scissors, and shrink. Add jewelry findings.

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